Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Praise God!

The prayers were answered. I have been tentatively approved for the Gamma Knife HERE! What a relief this is. I do still have to meet with the neurosurgeon and make sure that he is comfortable with the doing the procedure on me despite the potential complications I present.

I just can't tell you how big a relief this is to me and my family. Additionally, the procedure is tentatively scheduled for the 14th of July. Two weeks - can't get here fast enough and yet leaves little time to wrap up a thing or two. Oh boy, how high a gear can I shift into for the next two weeks?

Chemo was fine on Monday. As they have been all along, your sustaining prayers have held my counts exactly where they should be. This is phenomenal. I have had 21 treatments so far in this round. That's a lot of chemo. But I'm fine. I did have the same nausea that I did last time. That of course made me a bit apprehensive about the next two days going home with the chemo pump . But it has really gone well - not near as much nausea. I am wondering if the oral steroids are making that big a difference with the nausea.

Thank you all for the prayers. God hears us and is good - all the time. His provisions for us are at times unbelievable. He already has things covered before we even know about them. Thank you Lord!


Jackie Wilkerson said...

Oh how wonderful! I'm so thrilled about your news! We'll keep praying for everything to fall in place and for the procedure to go extremely well. We'll also pray for you to have many more days that you feel good instead of sick! Love, Jackie

Carol said...

Praise God, Cindy!!!!!!!!! I shall now spend the next several days in prayers of Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

You are one amazing woman, Cindi, Adams! I am so happy you are approved for the gamma knife. I have read great things about it. I am praying for you daily.

Dottie Sheehan
Spring Hill, Florida

Tia said...

Mrs. Adams, I'm so glad to hear the great news! Please continue to keep us all updated.

Janelle Craig said...

I'm so glad the gamma knife was approved for you. That is wonderful news. We'll continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Bruce and Janelle

Lori said...

Rejoicing with you and praying!!

Anonymous said...

So excited about your awesome news!! Please let me know what Stefani and I can do to help, especially with Julianna on her adventure. Call me anytime.

Laura E.

Albert Shuler said...

You are in our prayers daily. Please know how much we love you and wish only the best for you and your family. God is good...

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