Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day

It's been a good week although when it is I tend to overdo a bit and end up very tired. I'm afraid that I may not feel up to doing anything next week though so I push myself (sometimes too much) on my non-chemo weeks.

I got up early today and got the kids going. I told them that they had doctor's appointments this afternoon so they needed to get their chores and schoolwork done quickly so they could have an early lunch. I told them I had an errand to run first so we had to leave early. They were compliant and got almost everything done, were dressed, packed up unfinished schoolwork and were ready to go at 12:30. We left and went to the Kroger/Target shopping center, unloaded the car and started in to Barnes and Noble. As I came around the side of the van, I had my camera which they didn't know. I snapped these pictures as I said, "April's Fools!" The only shots you're getting are at Starbucks. We all had a good laugh and went in for treats.

Four years ago our dossier to China and was logged in on April Fool's Day. That ended up being amazingly prophetic of everything that happened to delay our referral of Lulea. It became a comedy of errors for our group to the point all we could do was laugh as it dragged on and on. Of course though, it ultimately resulted in the best birthday present I could have imagined. For my 50th birthday we got Lulea's referral. We were all so excited. When our agency emailed us her little picture though what we saw was the most melancholy child I've ever seen. But oh my, what a transformation from the sad little girl with vacant eyes to our little spitfire who we affectionately call Attila the Huney.

I think I like April 1st.


EbethW said...

The eyes of a child......what thoughts are behind them...what have they seen? How will it effect them in the future?

What a transformation indeed! Cindy you and Howard are amazing!

Hugs from a neighbor,

Kirsti Bertrand said...

I love this blog entry. This is great. I especially like your April Fool's prank! Thanks for sharing.

petersonclan said...

I love the photos from the referral to ones a few years later... the difference in the eyes always amazes me.

Glad you felt well enough to surprise them! Good memories are made with things like that.

Still praying daily for God's miraculous blessings on you and your family.

Gretchen said...

What a fun joke to play on your kids. ;o) I bet they sure were happy to know that they weren't going to get any shots from a doctor. Lulea is such a beauty it is wonderful to see the smile that love and family have brought to her face. :o)

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