Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My sweet friend, Linny does a Thankful Thursday on her blog every week and encourages the rest of us to do as well. Today, I'm taking her up on it.

This is a Thankful Thursday for me. It started when I got out of bed this morning. For many who rose today it's just another workday, another dull job day, another mountain of laundry day, another day of trying to juggle too many tasks into too little time, another day of the never ending drudgery of housework undone nearly as soon as completed.

For me, it's another day of life. I got up, I have my family, I live in a beautiful world in a very comfortable home with a wonderful friends and top notch medical care. I don't say it enough, but I/we have been blessed in ways I never even knew existed. When I was re diagnosed last fall we were put in a huge bind. At the time, we were in the middle of a complicated
"refurbishment" on our home. The older girls and I were doing most of the work and it had to be immediately suspended as I was unable to then breathe the fumes of what we were doing.

Our church stepped in immediately and just took over, completely redoing the upstairs and part of the downstairs for us. Now resources have been provided that we can finish the downstairs as well - or at least close to it. It may not be exactly what we were going to do, but will be so much better and we will on our way to finally completing this project.

On my chemo weeks, our church is still providing meals after these long 10 months! Isn't that utterly phenomenal? In fact, with all my big people out of the house this week (missions trips, summer etc) they're feeding us again this week. The faithfulness of Jarvis Church em boding the faithfulness of Christ provides a testimony unlike any other.

Beyond mere meals, our church members call often, "What do you need this week? Do you have any transportation issues I can help you with? I'm just running out to the store or the farmer's market, can I bring you some Silver Queen corn? Oh yes always to Silver Queen corn!!!!!

A faithful member of our congregation provided transportation for my youngest all year long to her speech classes. Summertime rides have been provided for my children for VBS, Mission Explorers and any other activities they wish. This has been so helpful to me. I cannot predict in advance which days are "good days" and which are not. To have things like this provided in advance takes a huge load off of me. Yesterday, we not only dinner provided (mostly fresh from her garden) and then someone brought us a huge flat of fresh blueberries fresh picked off of her mom's bushes. Oh boy do they make good smoothies. All day long people were in and out bringing us things, just checking to make sure we were okay.

My dear friend Darlene has spent the last three years of her life making sure that we always have what we need. Yesterday and the day before she spent time looking for exactly the right Vitamin Water I drink. It's a little hard to find with that magic "10" on the label. Did I ask her to do that for me - no she just does it. This has been the story of our lives.

Every day there are calls, emails, visits, blessings everywhere we turn. My "imaginary friends" in cyber space have meant so much to me. I will not meet the majority of them in person, although I certainly would like that. But they hold such a special place
in my heart. Their comments and encouragements bolster my spirits in ways that are difficult to explain. In fact some of these wonderful friends have put together a retreat in a couple of weeks right here in NC so that they can visit me and I can attend. Isn't that awesome! I am looking forward to this long weekend of fellowship.

In all of this, have I lost sight of the fact that I have some rather large issues going on? Well no, and it's been a long and difficult couple of weeks. Tough decisions have had to be made which have produced quite a bit of stress. The steroids do not agree with me. I ma having the fluid build ups, and impressive overheating which isn't pleasant at all. But I am beginning to be able to tell if I'm late taking a dose as some subtle neurological signs are emerging.My energy level has again fallen and I've had a little bug all week. Wow - sounds like I'm falling apart and leaves you wondering about that thankfulness thing.

But even this, provides opportunity for growth. Immediately scripture comes to my mind.

Not the I complain of want, for I have learned to be content in whatever state I am, to be content.
Philippians 4:11

Well okay, Paul's contentment is more of a lofty aspiration for me rather than reality. Clearly though I hear God calling to consider the big picture of life to enjoy, not to dwell on little irritations or what simply cannot be. For now, I have what I need, and way beyond, making me thankful this Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, how thankful I am that you have such wondeful blessings in your life. It is so great that the body of Christ demonstates His love for you.

Anonymous said...

I am in tears, completely understanding. Will continue to pray for God's healing, peace and love to surround you and your family. Tonya

Anonymous said...

Cindy, You truely have something to be grateful for. I was on chemo for 9 months, and the church brought maybe 3 meals??? I was hospitalized twice and only once did the pastor visit. I was truely alone, since we could not bring in anyone other than family and only one at a time, which usually meant that my husband had to stay home watching the others.
It is a good thing to be thankful. Thankful that you can do laundry. Thankful that you can walk. Thankful that Christ put you on the earth for this day!

Momma Moe said...

May you continue to be blessed! You're in my prayers!

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet friend,

Your thankfulness list shows your are such a treasure! I am so thankful for YOU and your encouraging blog. Your wealth of wisdom and insight is huge...

I love you sweet friend,

Anonymous said...

Cindy, thank you for sharing your heart with us. You will never know how much you have touched people's lives through your witness as you have walked forward even in your hardest times. I am praying that you will be well enough to attend the retreat this month. And I will always be grateful for you leading us to our therapist. Without her help, we would have one less child still in our home and lots of brokeness in the family. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
I had the awesome privilage of meeting you at Patty Cormier's during the weekend of Isaac and Alicia's wedding. You were such a blessing and inspiration to me. I pray for you often and am so glad Patty emailed this blog. This way I can keep up with your journey and also keep in touch with you. Your attitude and sense of humor is absolutely invigorating. The lives you must be touching through the grace of God I'm sure is countless. God Bless you Cindy and praying God's strength and healing on your life.

Mary Booker

molly said...

Cindy, You are such an inspiration. Your outlook on life is truly one to be learned from. I've been following your blog for a while now (thanks for the reminder posts on the VN adoption group), and I've been praying for you...and will continue.

Thanks for sharing your blessed life with those of us in cyberland. Your words are inspiring!

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