Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Requesting Prayer

This is what my port site feels like tonight. My chemo went okay on Monday. As always I was sent home with my chemo pump which continues infusing one of the chemo drugs (5FU)for another two days. Yesterday evening, Tuesday, the alarm on my pump started going off. This has never happened to me before. The port this time has been wonderful and problem free. But the pump kept reading *High Pressure*. I have a 24 hour emergency number to call if I have problems after hours though. I called the number and followed their instructions. By this time, the site was beginning to get a bit sore.

I woke up continually last night in quite a bit of pain at the site of my port where my pump was connected. This morning it just pure hurt. I went back to the chemo room to have the pump removed as is my usual routine. The problem presented itself immediately. The needle had worked its way about half-way out of the port and was dumping the chemo drug into my skin and surrounding tissues. No wonder it hurt!

They re-accessed the port with a new needle, flushed it and ran the Heparin through. That wasn't a lot of fun considering it already hurt.

Tonight it is still quite painful, reddened and slightly swollen. It is important that the site not become infected. Can I please ask all my prayer warriors to step it up tonight and pray that this resolves on its own, and the quicker the better.


Linda up north said...

I am praying, Cindy...

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
I'm really sorry that this happened. Yuk! I'm headed to bed now, so I'll send lots of prayers up for you tonight. I hope you will feel better really soon! And we'll pray for this to resolve itself quickly! Love, Jackie Wilkerson

Anonymous said...


Love you, praying for you today. Can't wait to hear how God is using this for His glory. I pray you feel His arms wrapped around you today.

Laura E.

Teresa said...

Oh Cindy. I'm sorry to hera about this uncomfortable experience. My prayers continue for your healing. May God be with you in each moment.

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