Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update from December 29th

I spent the day in the chemo room. This was after we saw Maria though and got the results of my latest CT scan.

Again, the results were very very positive. My liver continues to be clean. The tumors in my lungs are down to two - one in each lung. They are essentially stable since my October scan. The necrotic area in the tumor of my right lung has slightly increased, which is positive.

The bottom line is that although the primary tumors in my lungs are of course still there they are stable with the chemo. Since I am tolerating it well, we will continue on for as long as possible.
Keep the prayers coming that as always I can continue to eat and tolerate the chemo with minimal side effects. Perhaps we can pray for the tumor in my right lung to just totally go away as the one in my liver did.

It's your prayers that have sustained me over the last few months and I am so grateful to have had them. God has really blessed us with this latest news and given us a Christmas to celebrate life -
the life of His son, the promise of eternal life through His son, and an extension of my life here on earth.


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