Friday, January 23, 2009

The Lemonade Award

Part I - Passing It On

Alexa at Rocaroundthecloc has given me a "Lemonade Award" for showing good attitude or gratitude. I, in turn am to award it to ten other bloggers. Those ten bloggers are now to pass it on to ten other bloggers for their great attitudes or gratefulness. When Alexa, sent me this award I was surprised and touched to be one of her recipients. Then of course panic set in. I had the same initial thought as she did, "Do I even know ten other bloggers?" When I actually sat and thought for a moment though, I realized I know a whole lot more than ten other bloggers and that's when real panic set in. How would I ever choose? I know so many people with really great attitudes and attitudes of gratefulness, most of whom are facing large challenges in their lives. I really struggled with this. There's just too many people I want to be like when I grow up.

After much deliberation though I settled on the following in no particular order:

1. Tonya at Tonya gets the Lemonade award for faithfulness in the face of extreme adversity. Her little Ayla has fought a tough battle with retinoblastoma since shortly after Tonya and Jason brought her home from China. What an inspiration you've been to us all Tonya!

2. Julie at Julie gets the Lemonade Award for - wait for it - patience. Yes, Julie I can hear you laughing three hours away. But Julie has shown great patience in her life. You see she and her husband have been building a house since December of 2007 and they have several more months to go. So far nobody has been strangled and no one has their own wing in an asylum.

3. Theresa at Theresa gets Lemonade Award for her ability to use her droll humor while she dishes out wisdom to us all. Theresa is the momma to 26 children who have come with an impressive set of issues, most of them from previously disrupted adoptions. I'll never forget "The Magic Underwear" or "Parenting Your Child From a Distance".

4. Linn and Dwight at This award is given to this couple for their grace in facing huge trials in their life which certainly intensified last week. These wonderful people are another large adoptive family. Last Wednesday, their house burned. Thursday one of their children had emergency surgery and to top off their week, on Friday their dog died. Through all of this, their faith shines through.

5. Elizabeth at Elizabeth is given this award for standing strong in her faith in the face of some strong opposition.

6. Bart at Thank you Bart for an active demonstration of agape love. Your commitment to love in some very difficult circumstances, while still setting strong and reasonable boundaries is an inspiration to many.

7. Robert and Amy at Robert and Amy receive this award for their perseverance and dedication to their baby daughter, Reagan. Reagan was born at 24 weeks weighing a mere 1 pound 6 ounces. Check out her adorable pictures this Christmas. Reagan was in NICU with my granddaughter, Maggie this past spring.

8. Paula at Paula is given this award for her remarkable courage. And with her courage, she maintains a strong witness and challenges us to think beyond ourselves.

9. Kennedy at Kennedy receives her reward for extraordinary initiative. Kennedy is a 13 year old adopted twelve years ago from Yangzhou. The oldest of 6 children, she recently received an invitation to her orphanage reunion. Her parents are contributing but she still has to raise $3300.00 to do it. A very industrious young lady, she is about half way there presently.

10. Cindy B at Cindy receives this award for her obedience. My friend, Cindy is the MoM of 39 children, 38 of whom are adopted, most of whom joined her family with quite a bit of checked luggage in addition to their carryons. But in the face of, at times, overwhelming adversity Cindy continues her obedience to the life which God has called her.

These are my picks for the Lemonade Award.


Jules said...

Oh wow, thank you for the compliment but dear hubby would probably be the one to laugh at you saying I am being "patient" about the house. lol

EbethW said...

Thanks, Cindy....I just saw this!! Ok, now that you know a few from my blogging crowd....let the games begin!!

Hugs and thanks again.

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